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Trusted Business Support 

Do you need help dotting your I's and crossing your T's?

You're a successful CEO, business owner, entrepreneur, dream-chaser. 

You’ve started an amazing company (maybe two or three!) and it’s growing…fast!

  You’ve got more ideas, more products, more courses.

You know they’ll work as you have proven strategies, but you are worried that some of the details and finer points could be missed.

You need a trusted, detail-oriented, right-hand woman.

You need someone who can quickly get up to speed with your current business, your clients, and your future plans. 

Someone who will build rapport, can spot the detail, keep the cogs moving, organise the way forward. 

Someone who seamlessly integrates into your company (without the overheads). 

Someone you can count on.

That someone is me!

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I pride myself on spotting errors, mitigating mistakes, catching fires before anyone else does! 

I can help you with:

Day to day business operations taken care of so you can focus on growth and strategy.

A fresh pair of eyes on your documents, websites, products and services.

User acceptance testing, project co-ordination and conduit between developer and you.


Sarah Yip - Managing Director of KEASE International and Leaders Lounge

As the group CEO of two successful businesses; I specifically sought out the services of an Executive Assistant who was mature, professional and responsible. Over the past two years, Trang has demonstrated her capability to manage complex tasks with professionalism and poise. Trang's core strength is her attention to detail and her unique ability to translate the strategic to the operational. In addition to this, Trang is often the primary contact for our corporate clients and I can trust her ability to provide exceptional client service and engagement with exceptional verbal & written communication skills. The value I receive from Trang far exceeds my expectations and we have been able to successfully grow our organisation thanks to her on-going contribution.

Need someone to take the lead with your business operations, project or just some fresh eyes? 

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