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Advocating your business growth

Developing a new digital product or software is the future of your business success. You’ve got the ideas, gathered the expert developers but either don’t have the time to manage the process or don’t understand the technical side. 

Product Support and Testing

I speak tech! 

I get it. Developers can speak a little different to the average business owner. You know what you want to achieve but you’re not sure that you’re articulating it to the development team. You might be just starting out with your new product or you might be half way through (and banging your head against a wall!).

Let’s talk about what it is you are after, how far you’ve gotten, what success looks like and form a plan. 

I can take the lead with a project and get my hands dirty with the techy stuff! I’ll interpret technical language into plain English (and back the other way) and can create easy to use documents for you or your team to manage the tech in the future too.

Testing, testing, one, two...

Once I have a grasp on the purpose and intended functionality of your product, I’ll get stuck into the nitty gritty. 

Some of the testing I do:

  • User acceptance testing

  • Identify and record defects

  • Identify and record improvements

ISTQB Certification 

Being entrusted with managing current software products, and introducing new software and programs as a business evolves will require testing and quality checking for new projects, or for current businesses to ensure there are no disruptions to business continuity. This has triggered my drive to become certified in software testing and I have recently gained accreditation in ISTQB Software Tester - Foundation Level.

Co-ordinating the project

I’ll work directly with your developer and/or designer to ensure the vision of your product is implemented and all within your budget too. I can keep you informed and involved as much or as little as you like. 

I’ll be your product support, project co-ordinator, business advocate, tech translator, tester and chief whip cracker. 

Not seeing what you're after but know you need an extra pair of hands? 

Let’s have a chat. I have completed a variety of tasks for business owners simply to ease the load, increase their available time or just help make sense of all the things they must do, which can be overwhelming.

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