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I'll find it before anyone else does!

Often you can look at something for too long and you need a fresh pair of eyes. Someone who can pick the typos, check the links and forms, test functionality through the eyes of the consumer or client.

Content Review

Let me check your website

You’ve got a shiny new website. Perhaps it was handed over by a developer or you created it from scratch yourself. In both instances you have no doubt looked at the many, many versions and edits and it can all become a blur! 

I’ll offer a fresh set of eyes to:

  • Review the copy – spelling, grammar, typos, are the contact details correct?

  • Test every clickable piece – contact forms and links going where they should?

  • Assess ease of navigation – if I was interested in your product or service, how easy is it for me to buy?  

  • Check mobile responsiveness and browser compatibility – does it look and behave as it should on all platforms? 


If you’re not yet finished on your new website but it has become another item on your to-do list or you feel like the developer is speaking a foreign language, I can help here too. 


Old documents or manuals need a refresh? 

Systems and processes change. Businesses change. Documents are often the last piece to get updated (or sometimes not at all!) when new software is brought in, processes improve or a business rebrands. 

Let me get up to speed on what is new or different and hand over your documents. I’ll review what needs to be changed or updated and quickly offer a standardised format that suits your needs. 

Not seeing what you're after but know you need an extra pair of hands? 

Let’s have a chat. I have completed a variety of tasks for business owners simply to ease the load, increase their available time or just help make sense of all the things they must do, which can be overwhelming.

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