About Maisky

Welcome to Maisky Virtual Support!

My name is Trang and I am here to help ease your workload to enable you to reach your business goals.


Do you need more hours in your day? Do you have tasks that you feel are boring or mundane, but it must be done? Are there tasks on your to-do list where you wish someone could help you with so that you can focus on other tasks that are more necessary for your business?


My mission is to take away many of the time-consuming tasks that stop you from being able to focus on your business. I thrive on planning and organising in order to get tasks completed.


With a background spanning 15+ years in a variety of administration positions across various industries such as international trade, financial planning and online retail, Maisky Virtual Support can provide you with a reliable, friendly, trustworthy and professional colleague to support your business.



My virtual services provide you with the opportunity to have an additional team member without the added overheads with flexibility for one-off or ongoing tasks.



If you are interested to find out more, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your requirements and what Maisky Virtual Support can do for you and your business.