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Detail Oriented | Genuinely Cares | High-level Communication | Dependable | Trusted Business Support

Hi, I’m Trang! Owner of Maisky, Mum, Wife, lover of gardening and crocheting, action movie aficionado (though not at the same time). I have worked in business operations and administration for over three years (yes, running my own business!), and supported some amazing clients to grow companies, launch courses and new services, review websites and test new software, co-ordinate projects and events, and liaise with a variety of stakeholders.


Prior to this, I had over 15 years of experience in a variety of administration positions across industries such as international trade, financial planning and online retail. This experience has helped me build my own business where attention to detail, organisation and communication are at the core. 


The name Maisky is a play on my surname and the phrase “the sky is the limit”. Mai (My) sky is my limit and I believe that of your dreams too.

Catch it before they do

I’m told I have supersleuth eyes. I can spot typos, formatting errors, broken links from a mile off. And guess what? I love it! (Not in a Debbie-downer “here’s where you stuffed up” way, more of a “I’ve got your back” way!)


I’m also pretty good at picking what might crop up and mitigating potential issues if a plan doesn’t quite go as scheduled. Communication is the key factor here – I’ll give you a heads up as soon as I spot it and let you know what I think our best way forward is. You see, I genuinely care about your business and clients. We’ll build a rapport and I’ll develop a deep understanding of your goals, struggles and the inner workings of your empire!


Do you need more hours in your day? 

Do you have tasks that you feel are boring or mundane, but it must be done? 

Is your to-do list never ending but you feel that you’re not able to grow your business?

Are you launching a new product, course, website or application but feel like you’ve looked at it for too long and want some fresh eyes?

Let's have a chat and see if we can come up with a plan of attack. 

“Trang's core strength is her attention to detail and her unique ability to translate the strategic to the operational.”

I work remotely from my home office in Brisbane, QLD. This provides you with the opportunity to add a trusted team member you can count on, without the added overheads of an employee. I am available for ongoing support and one-off projects.


Need someone to take the lead with your business operations, project or just some fresh eyes? 

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